carpentry services we provide

Fence and Gate Repair

The forces of nature are constantly working to bring your fences and gates to an early demise. Rain, sprinklers and sunshine turn your fence a dull gray, boards and posts rot and break, gates sag and fail to latch. But a broken post or recalcitrant gate doesn’t mean it’s time for a new fence. We can add new life to your old fence by replacing broken posts and boards, and repairing or replacing gates. We can also pressure wash your fence and apply sealers that will help restore some of its original beauty, and extend its lifetime!

Storage Systems

If like you’re most of us, no matter how hard you try, you just can’t squeeze all your belongings into the available storage space in your home. We can help by designing and building simple shelving systems in your home, garage or yard, or by turning part of your attic or garage rafter area into a place to store those larger items that aren’t well suited to storing on shelves. Of course, we can also assemble off-the-shelf storage systems that you can buy from local or online retailers.

General Carpentry

We love wood. The feel of wood, the smell, the appearance, the versatility - we love it all. Things made from wood can be rugged and tough, or delicate and beautiful. And we really love making useful, and pleasing things from it! If you have a small carpentry project in mind, reach out to us - we’d love to hear about it. Maybe you’re looking for a simple, rustic wood mantle for your fireplace, or you just want to restore the space under your kitchen sink, or have a cool new workbench built in your garage or craft room. Working with wood really make us beam!