Thermostat & Alarm services

replacements, programming and efficiency

Thermostats fail, batteries die, programming gets lost. Who has the time to mess with these things? We do! Call us when your thermostat needs attention. And if you’re still using an old-school thermostat that simply turns your heater off and on based on the air temperature alone, you owe it to your bank account and to the environment to install and use a programmable thermostat and save as much as $180 every year in heating costs. You’ll also be reducing the greenhouse gases generated by heating your home when it’s not necessary.

Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Did you know that the California State Fire Marshal requires homeowners to install smoke alarms in every bedroom, in the hallways leading to the bedrooms, and on each level of their home, including the basement? Further, homeowners are required to install CO alarms outside each sleeping area and on every level of their home including the basement. In some homes, that’s a lot of batteries to replace every year. Fortunately, all new smoke alarms sold in California are now required to be manufactured with non-removable batteries that will last ten years. Why not upgrade your alarms now, and say goodbye to the annual drug store pilgrimage for 9 volt batteries? Whether you need help changing batteries or you’re ready to make the change to 10-year sealed alarms, we’re just a text message away.

Security Systems

Like everything electronic, many home security systems have become so simple to install and to operate that they are considered do-it-yourself systems. Many homeowners are choosing DIY security systems like Piper, SimpliSafe and Iris, and getting the same 24 x 7 monitored protection offered by companies like Comcast for less than half the monthly fee. We’d be glad to help you select and install your own home security system.