Electrical services we provide

Diagnostics and Repairs

Don’t let minor electrical issues leave you in the dark. We can solve many simple annoyances like outlets or light fixtures and switches that don’t work, and circuit breakers that keep tripping.  Even if you just need help changing a hard-to-reach light bulb, we can help. If something more serious is happening - like crackling or popping sounds, or sparks or burning smells near appliances, fixtures, switches or outlets - stop using the device and call us or another qualified electrician right away.

Appliance and Fixture Installation

Whether you need a new range hood installed or an entirely new range, we can take care of it for you. In fact we install all sorts of appliance and fixtures, from garbage disposals to dishwashers, patio lights to ceiling fans.

New Service 

Need an outlet next to your commode for a heated bidet seat? How about a place in the yard to plug in your boombox or holiday lights? Tired of not having a ceiling light or fan in your bedroom? We have the power to add service where you need it most.

Garage Door Opener Service and Replacement

Is your old garage door getting tired and struggling to raise and lower your door in a dignified manner? It might be a simple matter of a few adjustments and the application of well placed lubricant, or the machine may just be ready to retire and let one of the new, quieter, smoother operating devices take over the heavy work. Either way, we’d love to lift your spirits by making your garage door open and close the way it was meant to!