Exterior & Grounds services

Pressure Washing

Whether you want to make your concrete patio sparkle for a garden party, wash environmental grime from your driveway or steps, or brighten up your house paint or fence with a good washing, we can help.

Irrigation Timers

Drought or no drought, in California we never have enough water to be wasteful. Installing a modern irrigation timer with weather-sensing capabilities can help insure that your yard receives just the right amount of water to keep it healthy, and no more. You may even qualify for a rebate from your local water agency! Even giving your old timer a programming tune-up can help it to water more efficiently, and we’d be glad to help with either task.


We can help you select  drought-tolerant plants that meet the criteria for local landscape rebate programs, and we can help you with the landscape conversion process as well! We can remove existing water-hungry plants and replace them with beautiful, drought tolerant plants that will make you proud of your yard again.

Drip Irrigation

A "smart" irrigation controller needs an efficient water delivery system to take full advantage of its weather-based irrigation strategy, and drip irrigation is about as good as it gets. Let us design and install a drip irrigation system to keep your landscape looking fresh and alive while wasting as little water as possible through evaporation and run-off.