Plumbing services we provide

Diagnostics and Repairs

Tired of that steady drip that keeps you awake at night? Concerned about the amount of water that you’re running toilet is consuming each day? Let ASHS fix the leaks and drips that not only annoy, but also waste a very precious resource. Did you know that a fixture that drips once per second wastes 347 gallons of water per year? Call us now and let us repair or replace the annoying water wasters in your home. From kitchen and bathroom faucets, sinks and drains, to shower heads, shower valves, and toilets, we can fix or replace it all.

Appliance and Fixture Installation

If your garbage disposal is more than five years old, you can expect to be replacing it before long. We’re glad to tackle that task for you, and we’re also happy to replace faucets, shower heads and shower valves.

Water Heater Service

Weather you have a storage water heater or a tankless unit, we can take care the annual service these devices should receive, and perform minor repairs as well.